The Weekly Minute Apr 25 2011

Hiring at Hedge Funds, AmEx, BlackRock

By finswire team

Tip: Hedge Funds Need More Hands to Handle Huge Inflows

Hedge funds are hauling it in and they are going to need more people -- from managers to analysts -- to deploy all that cash. They are sitting on nearly $2 trillion in assets under management, according to recent counts. And three-quarters of hedge fund managers said they expect more funds to launch this year.

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Tip: AmEx Stocks Up on Talent in a Breakout Quarter

American Express added 1,400 workers in the first three months of the year and is on the hunt for more talent, as its corporate card division and small-business intitiatives find traction.

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Tip: BlackRock Bulks Up

The world's largest money manager still has a relatively small staff, but its first quarter results were anything but small. As it boosted profits by more than one-third, BlackRock added 200 workers to bring headcount to 9,300.

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