Morning Coffee Oct 27 2010

Sales Powers On

By shareen pathak

Relax, folks, "Death of a Salesman" is still just a work of fiction.

Selling Power magazine's annual ranking of the 500 largest sales forces in the U.S. shows that America continues to generate sales jobs at breakneck pace. Domestic firms added 300,000 salespeople in the last year, an increase of 2% from last year. The 500 companies on the list employ almost 22 million salespeople in all.

Direct-selling companies showed the biggest increase in the number of salespeople employed -- about 6%, while the automotive industry showed the largest decrease -- 4.8%.

Despite the sluggish economy, dampened sales growth and the advent of new technologies that have made many sales positions irrelevant, the key takeaway from the results is that companies still need salespeople. (Selling Power)

Sales Buzz

Big Pharma: What It Takes (FINS)

Want to break into sales at pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca? We spoke to the director of sales recruitment to find out what really impresses him in potential employees.

Just a Dream Job (Miami Herald)

In today's job market, a job offer is a job offer, right? Wrong. Before you take what seems like a "dream job," do your due diligence and make sure you're not going to wake up screaming.

Insurance Hiring (FINS Finance)

Liberty National is on the hunt for insurance sales agents, shoring up staff that might be harder to bring on board in a stronger economy. It is shopping for 1,200 agents and managers.

Put a Smile on Your Face (Forbes Woman)

Did you take your happy pills today? Research has found that optimistic salespeople outperform pessimistic peers by up to 37%. More companies are investing in workplace happiness to improve productivity.

Millennials Selling Insurance (Insurance News Net)

According to trade group LIMRA, a career as a life insurance salesperson is quite attractive to young college grads in their 20s. But it's not the money that's keeping them engaged. It's the opportunity for connecting and teamwork.

Marketing Buzz

About Face (Advertising Age)

Alex Bogusky is turning on the very things that made him millions in the first place. Months after leaving Crispin Porter & Bogusky, he is now rallying against unhealthy fast foods -- the same products he helped sell while in the ad world. A career in advertising comes with its share of moral quandaries.

Facing Rejection (Business Insider)

Marketers hear the word "no" pretty often, from bosses dismissing pitches to clients asking you to start all over again. But rejection can actually be quite helpful for your career.

Buzz Around the Office

There's a Hole in This Guy! (Technabob)

Seriously, you can see right through him.

List of the Day: Why It's Great to be a Leader When You're Under 40.

Todd Combs knows. Here are three of our favorite reasons.

1. You withstand long-haul flights and jetlag better.

2. When you buy a Ferrari, no one will accuse you of having a midlife crisis.

3. You still have your figure when you pose for the cover of magazines.

(Source: Fortune)

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